The PauseFirst Project: Mindfulness for First Responders


“I attended Kim’s “Learn to Pause, Mindfulness and Meditation for First Responders” course in February of 2018. As a police sergeant and longtime meditator, I couldn’t have been more impressed with what I observed. The way she eased everyone’s minds, spoke to them in “plain language,” and made a room full of skeptical cops comfortable enough to try something different, left me in amazement. I think, when it comes to self- care and officer resilience there are many different programs out there that work. There are numerous resources to tap into that allow us to live better, stronger, healthier, and productive lives. Learning to “Pause First” and take yourself “back to the breath” is one of the simplest, cheapest, yet most effective tools we have out there. Kim knows her stuff. Her personal story allows her to reach us in ways that most cant. I am a believer in meditation and mindfulness. I am also a believer in Kim Colegrove and I can’t wait to see where this leads and how many officers (1st Responders) she will be able to reach and ultimately, help.”  Sgt. H. Myrone Grady


After Kim left {the 4-25-18 Advanced CIT Training in Appleton, WI}, the positive comments kept coming. The following week at the Menasha PD, one of the officers who attended the training brought it up in a morning briefing. He commented how much he enjoyed it and how beneficial it was. To me that was true validation – a week later, to his peers who weren’t there, that there was a benefit to what he learned.”  John Wallschlaeger • Former Police Officer • Owner, Gold Stripe Consulting, LLC • CIT Training – Appleton, WI


Read how Kim Colegrove’s corporate training has impacted these organizations:

“Kim’s expertise has helped Garmin associates better understand and address stress in their lives and make them more resourceful, creative and productive. Her methods are research based and can apply in any organization. Feedback from associates has been positive on her program.”

Gene Lampe

Director Human Resources, Garmin International



You are the only person that has ever presented {meditation} to me in a pragmatic “how-to” fashion.  It seemed easy to achieve expectations, because there were none!  And in a short time, it began to be more comfortable. Your approach “clicked.” In hindsight, this all seems so simple, yet I had never encountered this approach before. You rock!

Drew Vonada-Smith

Garmin International

“In June 2013, Kim Colegrove presented an awesome webinar series on Stress Relief to our membership. The series has been very well received and members are asking for more from Kim!  Kim has been such a delight to work with that we are teaming up with her to present an additional webinar series in the Fall!  Kim is an amazing presenter and very conscientious of adapting her subject material to fit her audience.  I highly recommend Make Time for Nothing, you will not be disappointed!”

Angie Ritterpusch

Education Program Manager, National Court Reporters Association

We received a ton of great feedback from staff…Here are some of the comments:

  • “Bring back Kim Colegrove for more meditation exercises and other areas of stress release.”
  • “Bring her back! I have already implemented several of her teachings into my life and THEY WORK! I want to learn more….please…”
  • “I’ve been to lots of Wellness classes and she’s the best.  I can immediately apply whatever she is teaching for the hour.”
  • “She is a very pleasant person and easy to learn from. I’m already noticing differences in my own life based of what she has taught us.”
Jennifer Henslee, MA, PHR

KVC Health Systems

“Kim Colegrove presented “Meditation in the Workplace” for our facility in three sessions.  This presentation was well received by our staff and she was very professional.  I highly recommend Ms. Colegrove and look forward to utilizing her services again for other training.”

Suzanne Gray

Education and Training Manger, CPAC, Dept. of Veteran Affairs



“Kim Colegrove is a knowledgeable meditation coach.  Her visualization techniques, guidance and flow move a student into a relaxed, yet very aware, state of mind.  She understands the resistance one encounters in achieving mindfulness and has many strategies to re-orient the student back to the focus of the breath and centering. I personally and professionally benefited from her expertise and instruction.”

Terri Henges

Owner, Body Strategies Fitness, Personal Training and Pilates