Kim Colegrove is a meditation and mindfulness coach.
Originally trained in Transcendental Meditation,
Kim now teaches her own easy-to-learn meditation
techniques, and offers mindfulness training in
corporate settings. She keeps things simple with
logical instruction and a real-world,
mainstream approach.

“The two most effective business tools for twenty-first century executives are meditation and intuition.”
Harvard Business School

Corporate Services

Transform your company or organization into a mindful powerhouse. Show your employees you care about their work, their health and their lives by offering a meditation and mindfulness program that empowers them to manage stress and achieve personal and professional balance and wellbeing.

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1-Hour Lunch & Learn

An Introduction to Meditation $250 

Participants will learn:
1) The evidence-based benefits of meditation.
2) The basic components of meditation.
3) How to meditate.

Includes a guided meditation.

For more info or to schedule: or 913-972-2548


Learn to Pause℠ 4-Week Course

Learn to Pause – Meditation & Mindfulness Training
It’s recommended to offer these presentations weekly, for four consecutive weeks.

Week 1
The Power of Pausing – Meditation and Mindfulness Overview
Week 2
The Benefits and Mechanics of Meditation
Week 3
Understanding and Implementing Mindfulness
Week 4
Developing Mindful Habits Through Self-Coaching

Each week includes a guided meditation. Participants receive Kim’s 21-Day Meditation Jumpstart Journal and a course recap PDF. 


$169 per participant (minimum 20)

Large group discounts available.

For more info or to schedule: or 913-972-2548


Stress costs American businesses an estimated $300 billion a year. -American Institute of Stress

Address the stress. Kim has worked with Garmin International, The National Court Reporters Association, The Department of Veterans Affairs, United Way and other organizations to bring stress relief to employees nationwide.

How Meditation & Mindfulness Can Help

Overwhelmed - Lack of Focus

Mindfulness practices re-wire the brain.  Meditation causes areas of the brain associated with self-awareness and a more positive mental attitude to grow in size, while areas associated with stress, shrink.  This leads to better clarity and peace of mind.  Meditation also causes levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol, to drop.  Meanwhile, levels of beneficial, calming hormones, such as serotonin, increase.

Personality Conflicts

Studies show the areas of the brain associated with compassion physically grow in size as a result of a daily meditation.  More compassion can lead to a process of stepping into the other person’s shoes, judging less, and seeing a different point of view.

Lack of Inspiration

Even more than a company wants to sell widgets, it wants progress – the new idea, the next big thing or the next best way of doing what it’s already doing.  According to Einstein, “No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.”  Mindfulness clears space in the mind, and helps one disconnect from compulsive, loop thinking.  This allows for a spark – the new thought that solves problems and births innovation.

Tension - Anxiety

Mindfulness and meditation elicit a natural release of muscle tightness, and a sense of calm that alleviates anxiety and helps tension melt away.

Physical Symptoms

Releasing tension, correcting posture, and knowing when to take a break, are all problem-solvers for stress headaches, neck & shoulder pain, and other work-related physical ailments. Mindfulness brings awareness to the body, alerting one to tend to discomfort instead of overriding it, which can lead to injury and illness.