Kim Colegrove

I teach meditation and mindfulness – a powerful
combination for overall well being.  I encourage individuals to
take responsibility for their stress and health, quiet their minds
daily, and increase self awareness for personal and professional success.

  • Stress Relief 100%
  • Mindfulness 100%
  • Self-Awareness 100%
  • Accountability 100%
  • Well Being 100%

My Story

Kim_Colegrove_Meditation8I’ve been meditating since childhood. I was originally trained in Transcendental Meditation at age 10, but that’s not what I currently practice or teach. Meditation is a tool I have turned to throughout my life, and I’ve experienced the transformational power again and again. Today, my practice of meditation is my life’s work and greatest passion.

My expertise in meditation has benefited corporations and individuals across the country, and many have been impacted by the life-changing power of meditation.  Practiced daily, meditation enhances every aspect of wellness, including mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

We live in a highly stressed society — chaos has become the norm and we’ve numbly accepted it. Based on irrefutable scientific research and my own experience, I view meditation as the foundation of wellbeing – a way to quiet the chaos.

My mission is to demystify meditation, teach people to press pause on life and encourage them to use meditation as a natural and practical way to reduce daily stress and improve health.

“In everything I do, I teach the powerful combination of meditation, mindfulness and accountability, a triple threat for overall wellbeing. I encourage those I teach to take responsibility for their health and their stress by quieting their minds daily to increase self-awareness. This puts them on the path for personal and professional success. Can’t wait to work with you!” – Kim Colegrove

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